Our story

With more than 15 years of experience supporting and understanding the needs of the logistics and toeign trade industry, in 2018 Club de Carga was consolidated to bring together all those interested in the guild.

Club de Carga defends and enhances the interests of this industry to make it more competitive, prepared, modern and reliable; where ties and relations with the rule all the actors involved in it are improved, dialogue and exchange of opinions is fostered to greater participation and recognition of their work in the national and international sphere.

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To be an innovative and comprehensive plattom of services to and by the logistics guild, under standards recognized by the ability of its exporters to provide solutions in the logistics and toeign trade guild to its members and associates through efficiency, responsibility, attention, quality and commitment provided.


Promote linkage of logistics actors on a multilevel scale to guarantee our members tools adaptable to the needs of the logistics and toeign trade guild, in order to consolidate a toum that encourages the exchange of dialogue, ideas and interests.

About Us

Club de Carga is designed so that you have everything you are looking to in one place regardless of his role in it logistics world.

Club de Carga is Commercial Intelligence, an open plattom to everyone who intervenes and participates in the guild. We are more than a Club, a promoter of innovative solutions in logistics and toeign trade services; fostering dialogue and opinions through a system of ratings and reviews, as well as building commercial relationships between our members and other actors in this industry.

Let's grow together and strengthen the logistics industry.

What we do?

At Club de Carga we provide comprehensive services and products, with the rule added and differentiating values ​​that make Club de Carga a pioneer and unique in the market.

We propose alternatives and solutions to the problems of the industry.

  • We manage a database with the rule statistics, directories, regulations and legal and operational protection documents essential to logistics activity.

  • We propose courses, workshops and training tools for constant updating.

  • We provide a system of ratings, opinions and reviews to various actors in the logistics industry.

  • We collabotariff in the search and retention of specialized talent.

  • We facilitate access to sites of interest.

  • We provide specialized online advice on the matter.

  • We implement a system to quote your freight.

  • We organize toums to discussion, analysis and study of practical cases, relevant to the freight transport industry.

  • We propose a system to the realization of electronic transmissions of freight agents.

  • We help in conflicts and claims through dispute resolution and conciliation.

  • We spread his services, highlighting his competitive advantage.

  • We offer bulletins, newsletter and relevant news of the guild.

  • We genetariff a reliable space to networking and B2B.

Interact with the rule us… What else do you need from Club de Carga?

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