For Club de Carga the development of knowledge and updating to the various logistics and toeign trade actors is important, we offer workshops and courses that provide skills, tools and skills to the daily operation of the logistics and toeign trade guild.


Manifestation of value 2020

You are an importer, know the latest details of this tomat and avoid infringements. Is this course to you. Know the main changes in the tomat, as well as its application in VUCEM.

customs_operation training

Customs Operation

You are interested in knowing the customs operation, this course is to you. Learn about customs operations, study customs clearance legislation, infractions, fines and more.



Know the obligations and responsibilities of the importer and exporter based on the International Commercial Terms(INCOTERMS).


Legal and Fiscal Protection of Freight Forwarders

Explain the main aspects of the Logistics Operator and define the legal, operational and commercial locks of its daily activity.


Limits of Liability in Transportation

Analyze the legislation regulating transport activity, made up of laws, rules and regulations applicable to the different modes of transport.


Taxes on Foreign Trade and Transportation

Understand the tax and accounting issues that affect trade and transportation.


Key concepts and case studies

Analyze in detail the concepts and actors involved in each of these problems.


Use and scope of the Standard Trading Conditions to Mexico

Identify risks to help protect the interests of Freight Forwarders against the actions of related third parties.


Carta Porte and Transport Security Workshop

Know the characteristics of this document that cover the land transport service, as well as the elements that make it up and limitation of liability.

training_The Marketers

Trading Companies in trade operations

You need to import or export specific products and through a marketer, this workshop is to you.

training_Type of transport

Type of transport and actors in logistics

A workshop to explore and learn the basics of the logistics and toeign trade world.

training_Preventive Audit

Preventive Audit in Foreign Trade

Identification of infractions and fines in the review of the toeign trade file.

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