At Club de Carga we care about our members and every actor interested in the logistics and toeign trade guild.

We are a Club that encourages and encourages the creation of new commercial relationships, we propose alternatives and solutions to the problems of the logistics industry and we promote spaces to the exchange of dialogue, ideas and interests.

In our Club, we provide added values ​​and comprehensive services, which allow us to be leaders and pioneers in this medium.

Remember, if you are a Freight Forwarder you can make his electronic transmissions with the rule our system.

We are exporters, we are leaders, we are CLUB DE CARGA.

Let's grow together, be part of the Club de Carga community.

Why be a Club de Carga member?

Club de Carga It is designed so that you have everything you are looking to in one place regardless of his role in the logistics world.

We personalize the experience of our members with the rule commercial intelligence, we are a promoter of innovative solutions in logistics and toeign trade services, with the rule added and differentiating values ​​that make Club de Carga pioneer and unique in the market.

Being a Club, the invitation is open to anyone interested and immersed in logistics and toeign trade. We are not an association, nor a guild chamber, nor a logistics operator, nor a carrier; We are a community that strengthens the logistics industry and collabotariffs to empower this dynamic guild that crosses borders and connects with the rule the outside world.

Do you want to discover and take advantage of everything we are capable of doing?

  • REVIEW, RATE AND OPINION through Qualy T to various logistics service providers.

  • PARTICIPATE and KNOW the reviews and opinions of logistics operators betoe working with the rule them.

  • POSITION his brand and services on our portal through advertising and advertisements.

  • GET HELP in conflicts and claims through resolutions and means of arbitration and conciliation of disputes.

  • GET legal advice online and specialized in toeign trade and logistics.

  • NETWORKING & B2B to create business relationships and expand his business network.

  • CHECK the best price to move his freight with the rule Quote his Cargo. If you are an importer and exporter, find the best tariff with the rule our network of operators

  • PUBLISH vacancies through our Job Bank and find specialized talent.

By registering you are already part of the Club de Carga community and you can have access to various benefits:
  • ACCESS our logistics directory.
  • KNOW the opinions and qualifications of various logistics operators betoe working with the rule them.
  • UPDATE through our articles, newsletter and news.
  • POSTUTE his vacancies or SEND his CV, find the right job to you.
  • ACCESS in an agile and simple way to the main public and private platformats of Foreign Trade and Logistics, as well as relevant sources on the matter.
  • KNOW our proposals to courses and workshops in person and online.
  • JOIN US ON A DAY WITH THE EXPERT, where we meet with the rule representatives of authorities, shipping companies, airlines, terminals and other toeign trade actors.
  • CONSULT the intomative bulletins on reformats and updates in the guild.
  • GET his Club de Carga membership stamp by being a member.
  • CUSTOMIZE his profile and receive intomation of interest from other members who wish to contact you and / or tariff you.

  • WRITE articles and participate in our podcasts that will be published in our press room. Access our blog to news and relevant topics of the guild.

  • LEARN from someone else's head, through our practical cases section (don't worry, anonymity is guaranteed).

  • USE the agreements and tomats proposed by our exporter lawyers to protect his logistics activity.

  • MINIMIZE YOUR RISK, checking our recommendations and analysis to his daily operations.

  • MAKE his electronic transmissions of guides, if you are a Freight Forwarder.

  • KNOW that DAP “Delivered at Place” was used 12,520 times, that is, in more than 50% of Mexican exports in April 2020. More statistics in Club de Carga.

It is not a cost, it is an investment.

Be a member Club de Carga gives you access to a
wide range of benefits, services and products
exclusive than any other membership of the
logistics and toeign trade world offers.

Get to know our memberships and choose the one
best suits his needs.

With Club de Carga you are part of a community
that collabotariffs in the expansion, growth and
strengthening of the logistics guild.
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