Privacy Policy

CLUB DE CARGA, LLC, domiciled in the State of Texas, USA, informats you that it is responsible to the processing of his personal data.

You can contact us in writing at the email address, or, by calling our phone number (55) 12091978.

Your personal data will be used to the purposes of contracting, subscribing, monitoring, updating and confirming our services, as well as to the purposes of our administrative controls such as billing, preparation and signing of contracts and / or evaluation of the quality of services. rendered.

Likewise, his personal data may be used to everything related to the primary purpose of this website, which, as it consists of a plattom to help and collaboration with the rule toeign trade logistics actors to consultation, opinion and review of matters related to his operation, entails - with the ruleout being limited to it - the attention to queries, the sending of newsletters, the sending of publicity, the administration of the opinion and debate toum, the prevention of abuse and fraud in that which is related to our services, the analysis of the use made by users of our portal, communication with the rule you, and so on.

The personal data that is collected to the purposes described in this notice are obtained in a personal way when you provide them directly to us through our Internet portal. Through the contact box, via email, or when you enter his data or use our services in any way.

The data that we collect directly and via the internet are his full name, telephone number, email and address. It is possible that on our website you will find sections in which you can also include his profile, work experience, skills, location, photographs and / or intomation related to his evaluations and comments. Please note that the toegoing is solely at his discretion.

The data obtained through other sources, such as telephone, service, commercial and labor directories, affiliated entities, business partners and other independent third party sources are likewise his full name, telephone number, email and address. ; in accordance with the rule what is permitted by applicable legislation. We work with the rule our existing and potential partners to improve and personalize the use of our website in accordance with the rule the practices described in this Privacy Notice.

Club de Carga will not request sensitive personal data, that is, those intimate personal data or whose improper use may give rise to discrimination or entail a serious risk to its owner, such as their racial or ethnic origin, current state of health and / or or future, genetic intomation, religious, philosophical, moral or political beliefs, guild membership and / or sexual preferences. In the event that you provide sensitive data through documents uploaded to the website or through our formats, you accept and consent that they will be treated in accordance with the rule the terms and conditions of the website and this Privacy Notice, being his obligation not provide this type of data in the intomation that is uploaded to our portal.

Club de Carga may collect financial data, as long as it is necessary to the purposes of paying to our services, memberships or subscriptions charged to his credit card. These data include: card type, card number, card verification code, contact intomation and billing intomation.

The data you provide will be kept to the duration of his contractual and / or commercial relationship with the rule Club de Carga and until you request its deletion, as well as to the time necessary to comply with the rule legal obligations.

The personal data collected by Club de Carga is not and will not be transferred to another company or institution except as provided by article 37 of the Federal Law on Protection of Personal Data Held by Private Parties.

We want you to know that we always treat his personal data with the rule respect. We do not misuse them, we do not sell them, and we will never contact you more often than you would like. We are committed to treating his personal data under the strictest security measures that guarantee its confidentiality and good use.

However, as the owner of his personal data, you can at any time exercise the rights of ACCESS to the personal data of his property that are in our possession, RECTIFICATION, in case you find inaccuracies in them, CANCELLATION when, at his Consideration, they are not necessary to any of the purposes contained in this notice, and OPPOSITION when you want his data not to continue being used.

By virtue of the toegoing, we intom you that you may exercise the "ARCO Rights" mentioned above through a written request in Spanish in which you indicate his full name and provide a copy of his official identification, as well as an email or physical address to receive notifications. In said letter, you must clearly describe the reason to his request, presenting it at Concepción Beistegui 103, 5th Floor, Colonia Del Valle, Benito Juárez Delegation, Postal Code 03100, Mexico City. In case you wish to obtain additional intomation, we would appreciate it if you contact us at (55) 1209 1978.

The maximum term to attend to his request will be ten days from the date of receipt.

We also intom you that the National Institute to Access to Public Intomation and Protection of Personal Data (INAI) is the public institution in charge of ensuring his rights and verifying compliance with the rule the Law.

Club de Carga reserves the right to make, at any time, modifications or updates to this privacy notice. The modifications that are made will be made available to the public through any of the following means: visible advertisements in our establishments, internet page, email to the most recent address we have to you, through publications in circulating newspapers national, magazines, posters, sound recordings or, personally through our managers at the time you go to any of our facilities.

This Privacy Notice is subject to the terms and conditions of the Club de Carga, LLC website, which constitutes a legal agreement between the user and Club de Carga, LLC.

If you use our services it means that you have read, understood and agreed to the terms set out above. Opposition to the acceptance of this Privacy Notice will result in the inability to provide the service.

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Date of last revision: June 7, 2019.