The 2022 Economic Package is presented

The 2022 Economic Package is presented

On September 8, the Economic Package to 2022 was presented to the Chamber of Deputies by the Secretary of Finance and Public Credit, which includes the general criteria of Economic Policy, the Draft Budget of Expenditures of the Federation, and the Initiatives of the Income Law of the Federation. The proposed project is ambitious because with the rule this it is intended to cover some gaps to collect more taxes with the ruleout having to carry out a tax retom, since it is intended to make changes in the fiscal miscellany to shorten the legal loopholes that may be a trigger to evade taxes.

The budget to next year is 7.08 billion pesos, taking into account an increase in the health sector with the rule the aim of guaranteeing medicines and vaccines to face the pandemic. This seeks to make 2022 a year of economic recovery, paying greater attention to the inequalities accentuated by covid-19, thereby trying to genetariff a panorama in which various sectors can be attractive to investment.

Within the changes to toeign trade, it was established that said activity could boost the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) by 4.1% during 2022. It was also proposed to allocate 7.5% more to spending focused on aid to the elderly, as well as in some projects that are taking place in the current administration, as well as PEMEX and the CFE. The main projects towards which the budget will be increased are: the Airport in Santa Lucía, the Mayan Train, the Dos Bocas refinery and the train on the Isthmus of Tehuantepec.

The new features include incentives to public and private investment, as well as greater advances in financial and commercial inclusion that will be promoted through the T-MEC. The decision on whether the Economic Package is approved or not will be made by the Chamber of Deputies no later than October 20 of this year, later it is sent to the Chamber of Senators, which will have until October 31 to endorse it.


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