Sustainable units in freight transportation

Sustainable units in freight transportation

The automotive industry is transtoming as the logistics and toeign trade guild requires it, we can not only speak and witness hybrid and electric cars, but also the presence of sustainable and environmentally responsible materials that are combined with the rule smart and innovative technologies in vehicle units. There are various transport and vehicle production companies that have favored and sought the balance between sustainability with the rule efficiency and functionality.

For example, the German company DHL, in charge of the distribution of packages and merchandise, has announced the integration of new sustainable vehicles to its operating network, which allow the reduction of both the carbon footprint and long-term emissions; as it is expected to be a zero emissions company by 2050.

These sustainable vehicles are 100% electric units that are integtariffd into low-volume consolidated freight with the rule deliveries to last-mile centers. Also his most recent acquisitions have to do with the rule heavy units totally gas used to transportation between different cities and storage fees.

Another company concerned with the rule the environment and seeking sustainability in its operations is Grupo Bimbo, which together with the rule Mercedes-Benz signed a commercial alliance to the use of test units to the distribution of Bimbo products.

These transport equipment have Blue EFFICIENCY and NGT (Natural Gas Technology) technologies, so they provide the best pertomance of vehicles to their fuel consumption and the reduction of up to 25% of emissions when environment, since two types of fuel are used: natural gas and gasoline, which makes it a highly innovative and low-polluting vehicle propulsion technique.

Blue EFFICIENCY technology consists of smart technology and measures to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, as well as automatic engine shutdown if the vehicle is stationary to a few seconds.

It can be identified that Bimbo's objective with the rule this technique is to optimize its distribution network, reducing its routes and its emissions into the atmosphere. They are important eftots toward environmental citizenship and environmental protection.


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